Member Policies

The following rules and guidelines are intended to provide members with general rules and guidelines to be followed while on the club grounds. They are not intended to be all inclusive. Members on club property must always be considerate of the safety of members, as well as demonstrate respect of other members and club property.

Membership Types and Processing

Membership Cards

Members must possess a valid membership card when on Club property.

Members will not loan their card to anyone for any reason.

Replacement cards will be issued at a cost of $5.00

Any person on Club grounds must present a valid membership card upon request.

Guest Policy

All members are responsible for ensuring guests sign in upon arrival.

Members are allowed two guests per visit. Guests must be signed in each time.

Non-renewed members are considered guests.

Each guest is allowed only three visits per year.

Each member should be responsible for the safety and conduct of any guests brought in the Club.

Guests are not allowed use of Club ranges unless they purchase One-Day Membership.

Alcohol and Controlled substances

Firearms and alcohol together are not allowed. EVER.

Intoxicated persons will not be allowed on Club property at any time.

No drinking of alcohol while in possession of a firearm.

No consumption or sale of a controlled substance (including marijuana) is allowed at any time on Club property.

Minors are forbidden to possess or consume alcohol of any kind at any time.

Absolutely no consumption of alcohol during any Board or General meetings.


See Trap Range rules

See Rifle-Pistol Range rules

Safety is the responsibility of each shooter!

Rule Enforcement

Witnesses to an infraction should first politely bring it to the attention of the offender. If the infraction is not corrected, the witness should then inform the Board of Directors.

With a preponderance of evidence, a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors may impose disciplinary action upon any offenders. If imposed this may range from a warning up to permanent expulsion from the Spencer Fish & Game Club, even criminal prosecution if appropriate.

These rules govern the actions of all people on Spencer Fish & Game property. Any rule may be modified or temporarily suspended by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.