Trap Range

Trap Range Information

  • Open Thursday evenings and Sundays at noon (weather permitting)

  • $4 per round (25 clays)

  • Shooters should bring shotgun, ammo, and ear and eye protection

Trap Range Rules

  • Load only when ready to shoot.

  • ALWAYS point the muzzle downrange.

  • Pick up your empty hulls.

  • "Target Load" shotgun ammunition is the only ammunition permitted on the trap fields. These are shotgun shells containing a maximum shot size of 71/2, not 6's, 5's, 4's, 2's, BB's, or slugs. Maximum shot load is 1.5 oz., not 1.25 oz. or heavier. This is very important for us to minimize and control the drop zone of the pellets. 1200 FPS maximum velocity.

  • All shooting on the trap fields must be at only industry-standard (biodegradable) clay targets, which must be thrown by the club's trap machine or portable target throwers. The direction of all moving targets and shooting must be down the range, away from the trap house.

  • Firearms used in all trap events must be fired from the shoulder.

  • Patterning shotguns, sighting in with the shotgun slugs or firing heavy hunting-type loads MUST be performed on the Rifle Range in accordance with the Rifle range rules.

  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on any club range.

  • The Trap Range is for use by members only, with the exception of organized, supervised trap shoots.

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory which using any club range