Range Info and Rules

posted Jan 30, 2012, 6:45 PM by Victor Lacroix   [ updated Jan 1, 2020, 5:14 PM by Spencer FishandGame ]
The range is for members only. Guests must purchase a One-Day range membership that can be purchased in the club for $10.00.  One-Day memberships are only good for the date on the card, and must be purchased during normal club hours prior to shooting.  If for a day the club is not open, the One-Day membership needs to be purchased on a day the club is open prior to shooting.
Must be with a current member and valid ONLY for day purchased. Members are allowed 2 one-day members per a 24 hour period. All cards must be displayed on the range board, if they are not displayed you will be asked to leave.
Range hours are from 7:30 am till sunset, Monday - Saturday, and noon to sunset on Sundays.
Range will not be used when the farmer is working in the field behind the range or when work is being done on the solar farm on the hill. 
(This is a safety issue and not up for debate)
The range is on a first come , first served basis.
All rounds discharged must be aimed at the berm behind the target area. No shooting poles,signs,range markers or any other object not intended for a target.
Use of fully automatic weapons and .50 BMG weapons are not allowed on the range.
Shotguns are permitted on the range with the following restrictions: Must bring and remove your own targets. engaging wooden targets at distances less than 25 yards is prohibited. Anyone discharging a shotgun into a pistol or file target which is on the range will have their membership revoked.
Shooters are responsible for the clean-up after shooting. All trash and empty shells should be placed in the trash barrel. 
A full printout of all of the rules is available in the club.